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You can own that fake NX controller for between $4k-$10k

Remember that time it looked as if we might just have caught glimpse of Nintendo’s still highly secretive NX controller?

Well, we hadn’t, it transpired. Which of course EVERYONE said they OBVIOUSLY knew the moment it was unveiled as a hoax.

And the video that confirmed the hoax was actually just as interesting as the initial excitement. There was a second hoax, too, which was just a Photoshop but remarkably like the first.

Anyhow, said controller is now available to buy, should you desire to own a piece of grade-A scamming history. Bidding for the device opens at $4,000. If missing out is just too much to bear you can just sweep in there right now at the Buy It Now price of $10,000.

Remember, this thing does nothing. It’s not a working controller. It’s not even guaranteed to be the one you saw in the pictures, either, as per the listing: The unit is very rare as only 5 of these replicas were made in existence.”

The seller has a bit of dodgy feedback, too, so best make sure you’re familiar with the PayPal buyer protection policy just in case.

The real NX will be out in March featuring a controller forged from the dreams of hopeful kittens. Or so we’ve heard.

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