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YouTube dismisses subscriber count concerns

Video host YouTube has basically said that the growing number of reports of malfunctions with its subscriber systems are, basically, wrong.

For several weeks now both users and some of the biggest name content creators have complained about both unrequested subscription cancellations and random drops in subscriber counts.

A new YouTube Help video, however, has effectively said that no problem exists.

We’ve heard those reports and we take those feedback so seriously,” YouTube subscriptions product manager Zindzi somewhat infuriatingly said. YouTube doesn’t unsubscribe people from channels. Subscribing is a core part of the YouTube experience and that’s really the mission of our whole team is to make that experience better.

We’ve actually looked at over a hundred individual cases and so far we haven’t been able to find any underlying glitch.”

Zindzi does ask that those who still believe they are affected get in touch with the company, however, at least acknowledging than an issue might exist. She also adds that while accounts flagged as possible spam do not factor into subscription counts, they are never automatically unsubscribed.

Dismissed outright, however, were claims that videos from subscribed creators are not appearing in some users’ subscription feeds.

Check out the comments on the video for some ‘lively discourse’ from disgruntled users, who are growing increasingly frustrated at YouTube’s unwillingness to admit to what they believe is a definite problem.


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