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Zelnick: Dont punish pre-owned buyers

The recent trend for including DLC codes in new copies of games and charging those who buy the game pre-owned is poorly targeted, according to Take-Two chairman (and in a few weeks CEO) Strauss Zelnick.

Speaking in New York, Zelnick explained that US law clearly allows for the sale of pre-owned games. Attacking it, he feels, is completely the wrong approach.

It’s irrelevant to be critical of the used-game marketplace,” Zelnick stated, according to GameSpot. You don’t want to use a stick punishing users for buying used; you want to give them a reason to buy new.

You want to create something that’s of benefit to consumers. By letting consumers know there’s more stuff to come, it stands to reason they’d hang on to their titles.”

Take-Two has previously employed the DLC code method with action release Mafia II.

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